Web Use Policy

User Responsibilities

These guidelines are intended to help you make the best use of the Internet resources at your disposal. You should understand the following.

  1. The Organisation provides Internet access to staff to assist them in carrying out their duties for the Company. It is envisaged that it will be used to lookup details about suppliers, products, to access government information and other statutory information. It should not be used for personal reasons.
  2. You may only access the Internet by using the Organisation’s content scanning software, firewall and router.

When using the Organisation’s Internet access facilities you should comply with the following guidelines.


  1. Do keep your use of the Internet to a minimum
  2. Do check that any information you access on the Internet is accurate, complete and current.
  3. Do check the validity of the information found.
  4. Do respect the legal protections to data and software provided by copyright and licenses.
  5. Do inform the support@sandcroft.co.uk immediately of any unusual occurrence.


  1. Do not download text or images which contain material of a pornographic, racist or extreme political nature, or which incites violence, hatred or any illegal activity.
  2. Do not download content from Internet sites unless it is work related.
  3. Do not download software from the Internet and install it upon the Organisation’s computer equipment.
  4. Do not use the Organisation’s computers to make unauthorised entry into any other computer or network.
  5. Do not disrupt or interfere with other computers or network users, services, or equipment. Intentional disruption of the operation of computer systems and networks is a crime under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.
  6. Do not represent yourself as another person.
  7. Do not use Internet access to transmit confidential, political, obscene, threatening, or harassing materials.

Please note the following

All material viewed is scanned for viruses.
All the content viewed is scanned for offensive material.

If you are in any doubt about an issue affecting Internet Access you should send an email to support@sandcroft.co.uk

Any breach of the Organisation’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy may lead to disciplinary action.